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28.06.2018  The preliminary award in «Ivan Antipin-65» JT has been published (pdf, 681 KB). Award will became final after one month period.
Send claims to the tourney judge Vitaly Medintsev on his e-mail: vitalymedintsev(at) not later than 28 July 2018.

19.05.2018  The deadline in «Ivan Antipin-65» JT has expired. The list of participants (pdf, 141 KB) has been published. Award will be ready within two months.

10.01.2018  A formal composing jubilee tourney «Ivan Antipin – 65» is announced. View / download the announcement (pdf, 285 KB)

26.12.2016  The judge has decided make no changes to the preliminary award in JT «Anatoly Kirichenko-60» (helpmates), so it becomes final

26.12.2015  Preliminary AWARD in JT «Anatoly Kirichenko-60» (helpmates) has been published (pdf, 917 KB)

15.05.2015  added 7 new problems (miniatures) to my collection

29.12.2013  Final award in JT "Ivan Antipin-60" is published.

15.05.2012  new software for chess composers - Chess Archive

15.04.2012  Final AWARD in IT Problemist of Ukraine - 2011 (helpmates)

12.01.2012  Final AWARD in IT Problemist of Ukraine - 2010 (helpmates)

28.06.2011  added 14 new problems to my collection

08.03.2011  Final AWARD in  MT V. Kolpakov - 55 (h#2, h#3)

13.02.2011  added 25 new problems to my collection

12.11.2010  added an article about  Viktor Kolpakov († 29.11.1955 - 02.03.2001)