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14.03.2021  Published: Final Award in MT «Viktor Kolpakov – 65» (pdf, 465 KB).
Two problems (No. 4 K. Velikhanov and No. 13 V. Barsukov) were excluded from the award due to strong predecessors.
The commendations were shifted accordingly.
We thank all the participants for their submitted works and wish a good health in our alarming coronavirus time.

To commemorate a well-known Kuban problemist and solver Viktor Kolpakov (29.11.1955 - 02.03.2001) the problemists community of Kuban region (in Russia) announces an international tourney in composing of orthodox helpmates in two moves.
Free theme. Judge: Ivan Antipin
Send entries (not more than three per one author, including joint works) to the tourney director Vitaly Medintsev to his e-mail:
Closing date: November 29, 2020. Please, specify FEN
Award will be published on the website All participants will received an electronic copy of the award via e-mail

01.12.2019  At the request of Anatoly Kirichenko, the electronic version of the final award in his jubilee tourney which was held 14 years ago has been published: Final award in «Anatoly Kirichenko-50» JT (#2, h#, pdf, 1.56 MB)

28.07.2018  Final award in «Ivan Antipin-65» JT has been published (pdf, 664 KB). There are minor changes.

28.06.2018  The preliminary award in «Ivan Antipin-65» JT has been published (pdf, 681 KB). Award will became final after one month period.
Send claims to the tourney judge Vitaly Medintsev on his e-mail: vitalymedintsev(at) not later than 28 July 2018.

19.05.2018  The deadline in «Ivan Antipin-65» JT has expired. The list of participants (pdf, 141 KB) has been published. Award will be ready within two months.

10.01.2018  A formal composing jubilee tourney «Ivan Antipin – 65» is announced. View / download the announcement (pdf, 285 KB)

26.12.2016  The judge has decided make no changes to the preliminary award in JT «Anatoly Kirichenko-60» (helpmates), so it becomes final

26.12.2015  Preliminary AWARD in JT «Anatoly Kirichenko-60» (helpmates) has been published (pdf, 917 KB)

15.05.2015  added 7 new problems (miniatures) to my collection

29.12.2013  Final award in JT "Ivan Antipin-60" is published.

15.05.2012  new software for chess composers - Chess Archive

15.04.2012  Final AWARD in IT Problemist of Ukraine - 2011 (helpmates)

12.01.2012  Final AWARD in IT Problemist of Ukraine - 2010 (helpmates)

28.06.2011  added 14 new problems to my collection

08.03.2011  Final AWARD in  MT V. Kolpakov - 55 (h#2, h#3)

13.02.2011  added 25 new problems to my collection

12.11.2010  added an article about  Viktor Kolpakov († 29.11.1955 - 02.03.2001)