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      In helpmate genre I prefer the problems with complex strategy and rich tactical content with homogeneous play of both sides in phases. Specially I am a price the works based on paradoxical ideas e.g. annihilation of white material.
      I pertain with tolerance to zero-positions and promoted pieces if those are justified by complexity and beauty of original idea. The model mates I consider as an additional decoration rather then a destination.
      Less liking for the problems with so called thematic non-participation of white pieces (except pawns and king) in final position. I pertain negative to rough breaches of economy principle.

My cardinal principle triad of a chess work judging:

1) originality             2) complexity               3) unity

Download  Ivan Antipin-60 JT, 2013
Download  Problemist of Ukraine - 2011
Download  Problemist of Ukraine - 2010
Download  V. Kolpakov - 55 MT, 2011
Download  Chess Poetry - 2007
Download  V. Kolpakov - 50 MT, 2006