I was born on 26 January in 1974 in Khuibishev ˝ity (now - Samarah ˝ity), Russia. Since 1978 I live in Krasnodar. In 1999 I'v graduated Kuban State University on professions "sociology". Work as a manager in advertising agency.
       My grandfather has teached me to play chess (I was 9 years old). Hereinafter I improved playing by myself by means of chess books studying.
       In 1993 I'v tried myself in a solving tourney conducted by local newspaper (at the same time I'v met Ivan Antipin - the well-known Kuban composer and solver whom I consider my mentor in chess composition field). I'v loved the remarkable show of the pieces on 64-squared chessboard. The most strong impression was produced by helpmate problems. Since that times my participation in solving tourneys became permanent, and once upon a time I had the lead in final solving tourney of Kuban region.
       My first problem (certainly helpmate) was composed in 1997. Over 750 problems are composed on this time. The vast majority of them are published and rewarded. On total selection in "Album Russia" 2001 - 2003 I'v executed the rank of National Chess Master. I'v taken the 5th place in the world championship in composing for individuals 2004 - 2006 in helpmate section.